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MainUltrasound examination of the heart

Ultrasound examination of the heart

One of the fastest, safest and most accurate methods of examining the heart. Performed on top-of-the-range devices
Echocardiography is an ultrasound examination of the heart aimed to studying the functional features and structure of the heart structures, operation of the valve apparatus. This method is based on recording the high-frequency ultrasonic signals that penetrate through tissues and are reflected from the heart structures. The study is harmless to the patient and the doctor and does not require special patient preparation.
So who should undergo echocardiography?
In the first place, ultrasound examination of the heart should be performed by those to whom it was prescribed by their attending doctor. Because this method will help to identify hidden anomalies of the heart, clarify heart murmurs, assess the work of the valve apparatus, examine condition and evaluate performance of the cardiac muscle.  
At the same time, you should undergo echocardiography if:

•    You are bothered about different types of pain or discomfort in the heart area
•    You are bothered about shortness of breath or a feeling of lack of air
•    Your legs swell
•    You often feel unmotivated heartbeats or interruptions, pauses in the work of the heart
•    You periodically lose consciousness or have a darkened vision
•    You are bothered about a faint
•    You are bothered a long time about fever of the body
•    You want to check the functional state of your heart

There are no absolute contraindications for echocardiography. In some cases, there are eventual difficulties in examining the heart, and there is reducing of informativity of the method in individuals with specific structural features of the thorax, obesity, inflammatory diseases of the skin of the thorax, presence of prosthetic valves and in some other cases.
In any case, the echocardiography is relatively simple, safe and effective diagnostic method in cardiological practice.

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