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MainEarly diagnosis of a myocardial infarction

Early diagnosis of a myocardial infarction

Troponin I
Troponins – family of proteins which contain in a sceletal musculation and a cardiac muscle – a myocardium.

The analysis of troponin I is most often necessary for to confirm or, on the contrary, to exclude a myocardial infarction at patients with an acute pain in heart or other symptoms. It is usually prescribed together with other markers of injury of a cardiac muscle, such as Creatinkinaze -MB and a myoglobin. Nevertheless, troponin I is "the gold standard" in definition of an infarct as it is more specific, than other indicators (which can raise also at injury of sceletal muscles), and remains raised a long time.

Preparation for an investigation:

Not to eat food within 2-3 hours before the analysis (it is possible to drink pure still water).

To exclude a physical and emotional overstrain in 30 minutes prior to a research.

Not to smoke within 30 minutes before blood donation.

Material for a research: venous blood.

Research method: Immunochemiluminescent analysis.

Test systems: VEDALAB (France).

Units of measure: Ng/ml (nanogram on a milliliter).

Term of implementation of the analysis: 1 working day

Referensny values: 0,8 ng/ml.

Usually the level of a troponin of I in a blood so low that it can't be measured. Therefore even small rising can demonstrate injury of heart. Much the increased level of a troponin of I with very high probability testifies to a myocardial infarction or other injury of heart. If at the person having stenocardia or showing complaints to a heartache, the level of a troponin of I isn't increased, then it excludes probability of injury of heart at it.

Reasons of rising of level of a troponin of I

The main reason for rising of concentration of a troponin of I – death of cells of a cardiac muscle that most often happens at a myocardial infarction. After an infarct the level of a troponin of I remains raised within 10-14 days. Troponin I sometimes raises after an intensive exercise stress even at healthy people

Important remarks: The diagnosis "myocardial infarction" isn't made only on the basis of the increased level of a troponin of I. Complex assessment of a condition of the patient which only the doctor can carry out is for this purpose necessary. At the same time character of a pain syndrome, history of development of a disease, an ECG, results of other laboratory and tool inspections is considered.

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