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MainTreatment of arteriosclerosis obliterans.

Treatment of arteriosclerosis obliterans.

RFA is a new method of treatment in arrhythmology. It allows to improve the prognosis or permanently get rid of certain types of tachyarrhythmias.
What is Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) ?
RFA is a medical procedure used to treat certain types of arrhythmias, with the help of which in the heart a problematic  area is "cauterized ", what helps to alleviate or eliminate the symptoms of arrhythmia.
Roentgen-endovascular methods of treatment. Under X-rays control with the help of special long thin tools through a small puncture in the femoral artery (less often - other arteries), we can get to an affected vessel (vessel section) of the lower extremities. The modern technical capabilities allow to expand an area of the vessel from inside with the help of a special balloon and, if necessary, to fit a thin metal frame (stent), preventing re-constriction.
Open surgical interventions. For patients with a vascular occlusion of short duration, the internal modified layer of the artery with atherosclerotic plaque and blood clots (endarterectomy) are to be removed. For a more significant distribution of occlusive process, marked as a calcipexis in the artery wall, an overlap of a blood flow bypass (bypass surgery) or resection of the artery fragment with its replacement by a synthetic prosthesis or biomaterial (prosthetics) are justified.
NB! Prosthetics of vessels with synthetic prostheses made by leading world manufacturers (USA, Germany).
NB! The decision on the method of surgical intervention is to be made by an exper after consultation and examination of the patient.

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