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MainTreatment by hyperbaric oxygenation

Treatment by hyperbaric oxygenation

The departmetn is equipped with single medical altitude chambers of BLKS-ZOZMK of production of "The State Research and Production Space Center of M. V. Khrunichev", the city of Moscow. In GOCCC the department of HBO was opened on August 2, 1999. Now two single altitude chambers of BLKS-303MK function.

Before delievering sessions of HBO, survey of the doctor, where indications, lack of contraindications are defined is necessary, if necessary aboratory analysis are provided. Time and the number of sessions is prescribed individually and depends on the diagnosis and indications. Usually, depending on pathology, duration of treatment makes 5 — 12 sessions 45-60 minutes everyone.

At each session the doctor constantly controls a condition of the patient. As a rule, patients well postpone HBO sessions. The fulfilled technique and constant control guarantee lack of undesirable effects.

Before a session:

to take out salve dressings and to degrease the surfaces of a body on which ointment was applied, alcohol, to wash away cosmetics;

to take out watches, rings, earrings, removable (eye, tooth) prostheses;

to empty a bladder;

to change clothes in a special suit from a cotton tissue;

it is dense to cover head hair with a wet kerchief from a cotton tissue.

During the session:

to reach a prone position in the camera, to be relaxed;

when rising pressure in the camera, at feeling of a congestion in ears to carry out a self-insufflation of acoustical pipes (a swallowing with the closed mouth or with the held nose, or rotation by a mandible with widely open mouth, and also attempt of a vigorous exhalation through a nose at the closed mouth and the held nose or a swallowing at a neck muscle tension);

at emergence of unpleasant feelings to tell the doctor (in the camera there is two-way telephone communication);

it is strictly forbidden to knock on the camera case.

After the session:

it is forbidden to smoke and approach naked flame within 30 minutes after the session.

The mass of the patient has to be no more than 130 kg, on body height there is no restriction.

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