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MainPacemakers implantation

Pacemakers implantation

What is a Pacemaker (PM)?

Pacemaker is a small device which is implanted under the left or right clavicle, is more rare in a forward abdominal wall to help to control the wrong cordial rhythm (arrhythmia).

Arrhythmias are problems with heart work frequency or heart rhythm. Heart contractions which too rare are called a bradycardia. Heart beat contractions which too frequent are called tachycardia. During arrhythmic contractions heart can't adequately pump over a blood to vital organs and to itself, in turn, can cause such symptoms as fatigue, dyspnea, presyncopal episodes. Dangerous arrhythmias can lead to irreversible consequences, cause a loss of consciousness and even death.

Pacemaker can facilitate or eliminate some symptoms of an arrhythmia and prevent fatal complications of arrhythmias. The diagnosis of an arrhythmia is established only by the physician, based on documentary confirmation of disturbances of a rhythm (an ECG, Holter ECG), then defines need of pacemaker implantation.

Operation on implantation of a pacemaker is, as a rule, carried out under local anesthesia that is safer, especially for patients of advanced age. In itself has low-traumatic character and doesn't demand long stay in hospital.

Modern pacemakers are light weight and small by the size, are almost imperceptible under a skin with the naked eye, don't discomfort and aren't torn away by an organism. The person with the implanted PM is restored to the habitual life – to carry out exercise stresses, to drive the car, to visit a sauna, etc. It isn't forbidden to use all serviceable electrical household appliances, to use the cell phone.

Depending on a type of an arrhythmia and the accompanying condition of an organism cardiostimulators one - two - three-chambered, also cardioverters defibrillators are implanted. All modern PM possess a set of functions, they watch heart work, analyze disturbances of a heart rhythm, a heart failure. It gives the huge help in assessment of efficiency of drug treatment.

Our Center has extensive experience on implantations of all types of cardiostimulators of the main global manufacturers. More than 500 implantations a year are carried out for residents and also foreign citizens.

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