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Reception Department

The Reception Department is the first stage in the provision of medical care at the hospital stage. Over 10 000 patients a year pass through the Reception Department of the Gomel Regional Clinical Cardiology Center.

The work of the Reception Department is organized in accordance with the current normative documents and the approved file register.

In the Reception Department there is everything necessary to provide qualified medical assistance: medical equipment, layings for emergency medical care with algorithm schemes of its implementation, approved by the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus.

Patients hospitalization in the Institution "Gomel Regional Clinical Cardiology Center" is carried out in a planned and urgently order.

In the Center, the emergency medical care is provided for patients with cardiac, cardiosurgical and angiosurgical pathology.

In the Reception Department, a medical examination of all patients sent by ambulance teams and doctors of polyclinics, as well as patients who applied independently from the city of Gomel and the Gomel region, is carried out. Upon the appointment of a doctor, all necessary tests and examinations are carried out to clarify the diagnosis using laboratory and instrumental methods of research available in the institution. 

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