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MainVascular surgery department

Vascular surgery department

The Vascular Surgery Department has been established in 1973 on the basis of the Gomel Regional Specialized Clinical Hospital (Medical Director V.G. Cheshik, Head of the Department V.A. Sosnovsky). Since 2003, the Department is located on the basis of the Gomel Regional Clinical Cardiac Dispensary and is the oldest specialized center in the Republic of Belarus. During more than 40 years of history, the Department has turned into a powerful specialized service that solves the problems of rendering assistance to patients with vascular pathology.

The Department has a powerful diagnostic base.

Annually more than 1400 patients are treated in the Department, more than 9000 patients are consulted on an outpatient basis - residents of the Gomel region and other regions of Belarus, as well as citizens of Russia and Ukraine. More than 1200 operations are here performed per year.

The Head of the Department is Alexey Aleksandrovich Pechenkin, doctor of the highest qualification category

Main strands of work:

  • reconstructive surgery of the aorta and main arteries;
  • hybrid and endovascular surgery;
  • phlebology

Operative interventions performed in the Vascular Surgery Department:

Emergency interventions:

  • operations on trauma of the main vessels;
  • operations on acute limb ischemia of various genesis;
  • operations on aneurism rupture of arteries and aorta.

Routine interventions:

  • reconstructive surgery on the aorta with aortic aneurism and obliterating diseases;
  • reconstructive surgery on peripheral arteries with obliterating diseases;
  • reconstructive surgery on the aortic arch branches from cervical access;
  • carotid classic and eversion endarterectomy;
  • reconstructive surgery on the visceral arteries;
  • surgical phlebology;
  • surgical phlebology, using modern techniques (mini-phlebectomy, laser thermo-obliteration)
  • non-reconstructive surgical interventions (lumbar sympathectomy, revascularization osteotrepanation)
  • endovascular interventions (balloon dilatation, stent deployment in vessel in a vessel)


-       Vascular prosthetics with synthetic prostheses made by leading world manufacturers (USA, Germany).

-        Laser thermo-obliteration is performed on a modern radial apparatus (made in Germany) under ultrasound control without incisions and sutures.

Methods of examination:

-       Computed tomography with contrast

-       X-ray angiography

-       duplex sonography 


  • Pechonkin Alexey Alexandrovich Pechonkin Alexey Alexandrovich

    Chief of the Vascular surgery department



  • Laser coagulation of legs varix dilatation
  • Ultra Sound Heart Diagnosis
  • Diagnosis of thromboses, DIC syndrome, the complicated pregnancy, monitoring of thrombolytic therapy
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