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MainDepartment of Rehabilitation of Patients after Reconstructive Operations on the Heart and Vessels

Department of Rehabilitation of Patients after Reconstructive Operations on the Heart and Vessels

The Department of medical rehabilitation of patients after reconstructive operations on the heart and vessels has been established in July 2004. About 500 patients receive inpatient treatment each year. 

Main strands of work:

  • provision of therapeutic and specialized rehabilitation assistance to patients after post-reconstruction operations on the heart and vessels, endovascular surgical interventions and patients with myocardial infarction (MI);
  • carrying out of full range of rehabilitation activities for patients and people with disabilities in accordance with individual medical rehabilitation programs (IMRP);
  • assessment of results of carried out rehabilitation activities with a view to adjusting the IMRP in the inpatient and outpatient stage;

The main purpose of the Department is maximum rapid rehabilitation of patients, improving of their quality of life and full return to work.

The Department is a structural subdivision of the Institution "Gomel Regional Clinical Cardiology Center", which makes it possible to effectively use the entire medical and diagnostic base, to carry out all the necessary volume of medical rehabilitation at the inpatient stage.

The patients after surgical interventions on the heart and vessels and patients with myocardial infarction are rehabilitated according to programs that are adapted to individual characteristics of each patient and include drug therapy, physiotherapy, various methods of physical rehabilitation, acupuncture, psychotherapy, massage, diet, participation in the work of educational schools, sessions of barotherapy.

Within the framework of physiotherapeutic treatment, as a rule, a combination of magnetolaser therapy and bioelectromagnetic energy regulation "Bamer" is used. The complex of restorative treatment includes various methods of physiotherapy: morning therapeutic exercises, breathing exercises, therapeutic dosed walking, training walking, training on ergocycle and treadmills. For each patient, a combination of two, three methods of exercise therapy is individually selected.

The rehabilitation programs are compiled in accordance with the protocols of "early medical rehabilitation of patients and invalids in inpatient departments", developed in the State Institution "Research Institute of Medical and Social Expertise and Rehabilitation" of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus". This allows us to successfully implement the principles of medical rehabilitation: early start, stage-by-stage approach, continuity, succession, comprehensiveness and individual approach.


  • Tireshchenko Elena Genadyevna Tireshchenko Elena Genadyevna

    Chief of the Department of rehabilitation after reconstructive cardiac and vascular surgery

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