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MainMedical Rehabilitation Department

Medical Rehabilitation Department

The Department has been opened in 2003 with the purpose of carrying out cardiopathic rehabilitation measures with the help of physical factors using hardware physiotherapy, massage and therapeutic physical training.

The main task of the physiotherapy department is treatment and rehabilitation of patients using natural and artificially created physical factors. Physiotherapy methods based on GOKKC are widely used for treatment of a number of therapeutic diseases: ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, acute coronary syndrome, arterial hypertension, vegetative dysfunction syndrome, heart rhythm disorders, chronic cardiac insufficiency. We also carry out rehabilitation of patients after surgical interventions on the heart and vessels.

Main methods of treatment:

Instrumental physiotherapy

is represented by such therapeutic factors as phototherapy (quantum therapy, bioptron therapy), pulse magnetotherapy (Bemerherapy), running magnetic field, aerosol therapy, electrotherapy with direct current (galvanization, medicine electrophoresis), pulse electrotherapy (diadynamotherapy), electrotherapy with alternating electric current (amplipulse therapy).

Massage (classic, segmental, underwater shower-massage)

Rehabilitation exercises (Healing Fitness)

For giving healing fitness classes there are an office and a gym. They are equipped with necessary equipment: mini- and Euro-steppers, ellipsoid, exercise bikes, bicycle ergometers and a treadmill for metered physical training. Pulse oximeters are used to perform medical control over the tolerance of exercise load. Classes are given by the physicians and instructors-methodologists of physical rehabilitation. Bicycle training is widely used in the outpatient rehabilitation stage.


This method is based on the introduction of special needles into biologically active points of the body. It is believed that these points are associated with internal organs. Thanks to direct influence on the main conducting body systems (nervous, vascular, lymphatic) and mediated activation of the main control systems (central nervous system, neurohumoral, endocrine, immune), modern acupuncture is recognized as an effective method in treating of a wide range of diseases and allows to achieve high cure rates and improving of quality of life.

Acupuncture has the following effects:

- analgetic,

- improvement of microcirculation in organs and systems,

- normalization of blood pressure,

- normalization of functions of brain and heart,

- increasing of immunity and resistance to infections,

- sedative and antidepressant action.

Dry carbonic bath

- this is not the traditional bath to which we are all accustomed. It is a special semi-automatic chamber into which the patient is placed in such a way that the body is inside this chamber and is treated with warmed carbon dioxide, but the head remains outside. That's why another name for a dry carbonic bath is a "gas envelope" or "gas wrap". The chamber is equipped with a system of dosed supply of carbon dioxide, a system of heating and maintaining the set temperature in the bath. 


  • Belova Galina Nikolaevna Belova Galina Nikolaevna

    Chief of the Department of medical rehabilitation

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