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Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory

Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory of the Institutions "Gomel Regional Clinical Cardiology Center" is located in specially equipped rooms complying with sanitary and technical standards. Blood sampling for clinical laboratory studies is performed using disposable standard systems.

Introduction of new technologies and improvement of laboratory analysis methods provide the clinicians with 70% of objective information necessary for timely adoption of right clinical decision and monitoring of effectiveness of proper treatment.

Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory is equipped with new high-tech laboratory and diagnostic equipment:

·         Analyzer of blood gases, oximetry, electrolytes and metabolites ABL 800 FLEX of the company Radiometer, Denmark.

·         Automatic coagulometer ICL 10000 of the company Instrumentation Laboratory, USA.

·         Express analyzer of cardiac markers TRIAG of the company BIOSITE, USA.

·         Biochemical analyzer OLIMPUS AU 400, Japan.

·         Hematologic analyzer Micros 60 of the company ABX, France.

·         Whole blood hemostasis system "ROTEM" delta, Germany.

Main strands of work:

·         early diagnosis of myocardial infarction - differential diagnosis of myocardial infarction with an attack of uncomplicated angina pectoris using chemiluminescent immunoassay method (determination of myoglobin, creatine phosphokinase -MB, troponin I);

·         diagnosis of arterial hypertension (definition of microalbuminuria);

·         diagnosis of chronic cardiac insufficiency (BNP sodium-urethic peptide);

·         bleeding screening and monitoring of oral anticoagulant therapy (INR - international normalized ratio, APTT - activated partial thromboplastin time);

·         diagnosis of dyslipoproteinemia (TC, HDL cholesterol, VLDL cholesterol, triglycerides);

·         diagnosis of thrombosis, monitoring of thrombolytic therapy (D-dimer);

·         diagnosis, screening and assessment of diabetes mellitus compenstion (glycated hemoglobin).

·         diagnosis of disturbances of water-electrolyte exchange (ions K, Na, Ca, Cl);

·         diagnosis of hemostasis disorders (thromboelastometry).

The labs you can hand over from 8.00 to 9.30 in the 314 office of the "Gomel Regional Clinical Cardiology Center". after payment according to the price list at the paid services pay-office every day except Saturdays and Sundays.

Term of execution: 1 working day.

Preparation for examination: On empty stomach (the time between the last meal and taking blood must be at least 14 hours).


  • Danilchenkova Larisa Ivanovna Danilchenkova Larisa Ivanovna

    Chief of the Laboratory

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