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MainCardiology Department No. 2

Cardiology Department No. 2

The Department has been established in 1986, it works for 60 beds to provide routine and emergency medical care to residents of Gomel, Gomel region, other regions of Belarus and foreign citizens. Annually in the Department, about 2000 patients with different cardiovascular pathology receive treatment.

In the Department there are 4 double rooms, 10 five-bed rooms, 2 wards of high comfort.

There are 4 doctor's rates in the Department (of which 1 rate is Head of Department + 3 rates of the cardiologist). 2 doctors have the first qualification category, 1 doctor - the highest qualification category.

The main strands of work of the Department are treatment of arterial hypertension, chronic cardiac insufficiency, treatment of cardiovascular pathology in pregnant women.

Diagnosis includes all modern methods: ECG, EchoCG, transesophageal echocardiography, stress EchoCG, daily monitoring of ECG and arterial pressure, bicycle ergometry, functional tests, electrocardiostimulation, laboratory studies (lipid spectrum, biochemical markers of acute coronary insufficiency, - D-dimer). Selective coronary angiography, angiography of the vessels of the kidneys, carotid arteries, multispiral computed tomography and other studies are being carried out.

The treatment is carried out according to modern international algorithms and standards, including barotherapy, laser therapy. If necessary, some patients with tachyarrhythmia are referred to cardioversion therapy, radiofrequency ablation. Lessons are held in the "School of Health for Patients with Hypertension" and in the "School for Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease".


  • Britova Tatyana Petrovna Britova Tatyana Petrovna

    Chief of the 2nd Cardiology department

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