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MainDispensary Department

Dispensary Department

Dispensary Department is designed to provide routine consultative specialized medical and diagnostic medical care to the population of the Gomel region and the city of Gomel on an outpatient and polyclinic stage. The attendance by highly qualified cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and angiosurgeons is carried out. Modern diagnostic methods in our Center allow us to identify heart and vascular disease in early stages and to provide effective prevention and treatment. 

Consultations of patients are carried out accordingly to referrals of doctors of the health facilities of the Gomel region and on a paid basis at pleasure of patients. The Department has a double shift mode from 8.00 to 20.00. Over a shift in the Department, more than 200, for a year about 50 thousand people receive counseling and treatment. Examinations of ambulatory patients accordingly to referrals of doctors are carried out on the basis of functional and ultrasound diagnostics, X-ray room and clinical diagnostic laboratory of the Center, it is possible to examine on a paid basis at pleasure of patients. At pleasure of the patient, consultations of a neurologist, psychotherapist on a paid basis are carried out.

Pre-appointment call is carried out by phones of the Appointment Desk (43-59-40, 49-17-63):

On the basis of the Department there is a department for day care of patients.

In the day patient facility of our medical Center, you can undergo a course of therapy for cardiovascular diseases, undergo examinations by appointment of a cardiologist, get physiotherapy procedures, consult a subject matter expert (cardiac surgeon, angiosurgeon, neurologist, psychotherapist), if necessary. The day patient facility is designed for those for whom the time is precious and who want to take care of their health. This treatment is for patients who do not need a doctor's round the clock, and the prescribed procedures can not be carried out at home.

Pharmacological support

According to the Letter of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus No. 02-3-15/78-49 of 06.02.2013 "On some issues of providing medical care to patients in the day care facility of a State health organization", the patients of the day care facility are provided with medicines, medical devices (syringes, systems) from own funds (in accordance with the Article 38 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Health Protection".

Patients who have privileges (90%, 50% discount from the cost of medications or free of charge) for medications prescribed, acquire independently the necessary medications according to the prescriptions of the doctors of territorial polyclinics, for treatment on a preferential basis and for free. Medical supplies (syringes, systems) are not issued on a preferential basis.

Consultation of a cardiovascular surgeon

The cardiovascular surgeons receive the patients on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9.00 to 13.30.

The operation of the electric cardiac pacemakers is checked by the physician of the cabinet of control and reprogramming of the electric cardiac pacemakers (room No. 309) every day (except Saturday, Sunday).

Consultations of an angiosurgeon

The consultations of an angiosurgeon are carried out every day from 8.00 to 16.00 (except Saturday, Sunday). 


  • Krivenchuk Elena Anatolyevna Krivenchuk Elena Anatolyevna

    Chief of the Out-patient department



  • Pacemakers implantation
  • Duplex scanning of vessels
  • Early diagnosis of a myocardial infarction
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