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In 30 years the Gomel cardioclinic became the multipurpose medical center

In 30 years the Gomel cardioclinic became the multipurpose medical center 11 Декабря 2013

In 30 years the Gomel cardioclinic became the multipurpose medical center

On December 15 the Gomel regional clinical cardiologic center was 30 years old. About what there lives this unique medical institution today, the chief of the Center Olga Lyakh told.

– Olga Evgenyevna, not very long ago at an entrance to the Center stood very symbolical sculpture – a red heart in strong arms of the doctor. Today it is absent. What it is bound to?

– With the fact that any heart wears out and sooner or later needs routine inspection and repair. Time and weather made the business — the wooden symbol of the cardiocenter had to be sent for "operation" on restoration. When it ends and as the sculpture will look after that, I don't undertake to tell today. But I know one well: symbolical heart will be in the place at an entrance to the Center.

– By the way, to what renaming of establishment is bound?

– With expansion of a circle of tasks which we should solve. The dispensary means an out-patient stage of treatment of illnesses. We stepped over this framework for a long time and we give to the population cardiac, cardiotherapeutic and disease-prevention help, we carry out consultation, we carry out medical examination and aftertreatment of patients with cardiovascular pathology. Besides, on the basis of the Center departments of internal illnesses with a course of endocrinology, surgical illnesses, health care and public health of the Gomel state medical university are located. In a word, to the 30-year anniversary establishment began to represent the integrated structure capable to carry out the most complex challenges.

– And what?

– In cardiologic unit, for example, practically all range of operative measures on heart, aortocoronary shunting, valval correction, implantation of physiological pacemakers, cardioverter-defibrillators, the cardioresynchronizing devices, a prosthetic repair of the ascending department of an aorta is carried out.

Cardiosurgeons of the Center mastered surgical interventions by a ministernotomy, that is through small access. This way is less traumatic and allows the patient to be restored after operation much quicker.

Activly new techniques of diagnostics and treatment of disturbances of a heart rhythm– endocardial electrophysiologic researches and operations of a radiofrequency ablation take root. Only this year them 64 is carried out.

In vascular surgery new approaches in treatment of patients with an obliterating atherosclerosis are applied, the multilevel and combined interventions are carried out. This year our surgeons began to perform the hybrid operations representing a combination of open reconstruction and the interventions. And the acquired device for endovascular laser coagulation gave the chance to treat a varicosis with smaller traumatism, considerably reducing a temporary invalidity of patients.
In vascular surgery new approaches in treatment of patients with the obliterating atherosclerosis are applied, the multi-level and combined interventions are carried out. This year our surgeons began to perform the hybrid operations representing a combination of open reconstruction with nterventions. And the purchased device endovascular laser coagulation gave the chance to treat varicose veins with a smaller injury rate, considerably reducing temporary disability of patients.

Speaking about reached, it should be noted also achievements in intervention cardiology. Availability of an angiographic complex allows to carry out in full diagnosis of cardiovascular pathology, angioplasty and stenting of coronary and peripheral arteries. By means of a rotoblation transactions in case of the difficult calcinated defeats are successfully carried out, and the optical coherent tomograph gives the chance with high precision to estimate intravascular structures, atherosclerotic plaques, expressiveness and prevalence of defeat and to estimate quality of the implanted stent.

– But to perform so smart transactions, and specialists shall be appropriate level.

– Certainly, and in this plan we have something to be proud. Specially without calling surnames that not to offend somebody, I will note that in staff of the Center the chief non-staff specialists of area on a heart surgery, angiosurgery, intervention cardiology work. At us the candidate of medical sciences, excellent emloyee of health care work. 
About professionalism of employees it is possible to judge at least by the fact that all 100% of doctors have qualification categories, and more than a half the first and the highest. Approximately the same picture and among paramedical staff. Over the past few years doctors of the Center published more than hundred scientific articles, they regularly participate in various trainings and master classes in the Czech Republic, Austria, Lithuania.

– Olga Evgenyevna, that you wanted to wish to the colleagues on the eve of the anniversary of the Center and New year? Which as predict many, promises to be not the simplest and easy.

– You know, I hear similar predictions on the eve of each new year. But everything occurs exactly the opposite. In anticipation of the 2013th promised us an array of problems and difficulties too. And we, with assistance of regional authorities and regional management of health care, only this "unhappy" year purchased a rotoblator, the optical coherent tomograph about which it was told above, Pulmoskan, the physiotherapeutic device "Psychic" considerably increasing efficiency of treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal device, cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory systems.

Besides, there were funds and for creation of more comfortable conditions of stay of patients – heating systems of patients, antidecubital systems, and also multifunctional beds purchased. 
Now in premises of the Center replacement of window blocks is well under way, maintenance of a number of offices is carried out. In a word, life prevails and doesn't allow us to stand still.

Therefore, congratulating employees, our dear and hotly favourite veterans, all who had and are related to our Center, with anniversary and New year I wish only one – optimism and belief in the forces. And to none of you not to occupy experience, professionalism, wisdom and patience.

Source: Alexander EVSEENKO, Vyacheslav KOLOMIYTS'S photo and from archive of edition, "Sovetsky district" of

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