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Vessels under the threat

Vessels under the threat 14 Сентября 2014

Vessels under the threat

Couples centuries ago epidemics of plague and cholera claimed the lives of people, there are no such horrible diseases today. They were succeeded by other illnesses, including atherosclerosis. As doctors, "the silent murderer" still call. Quietly progressing, it causes serious problems with health, the chief of out-patient department of the Gomel regional clinical cardiocenter Elena KRIVENCHUK notes.

Many people, without knowing that, provoke a course of a disease. Payment for the civilization benefits In simple terms, atherosclerosis — a disease of arteries at which in walls of vessels atherosclerotic plaques are formed. Gradually the lumen of circulatory "highways" is narrowed. Therefore, to organs and tissues on less blood, saturated with oxygen and nutrients goes. More often atherosclerosis affects vessels of heart, brain, kidneys and legs. Causes a chain of cardiovascular diseases, for example, coronary heart disease, an infarct, a stroke.

Our great-great-grandfathers who ate natural products and worked all night long practically didn't know what is an atherosclerosis. Today this illness is widespread so widely that it is called illness of a century, the cardiologist emphasizes. Thus we pay for the civilization benefits. Rich, not always a healthy delivery, "car" dependence, smoking, evenings on a sofa at the TV provokes formation of plaques. An atherosclerosis, probably, the only disease which threatens each modern person at that or other age is stated by Elena Krivenchuk.

The problem is that at an initial stage of the patient nothing disturbs. Symptoms are felt when the lumen of a vessel is narrowed more than for 50%. At men illness is shown on average in 55 years and is more senior, at women — in 65. Unfortunately, any more not a rarity infarcts at young people aged up to 30 years which happen because of an atherosclerosis of vessels of heart. Ah, as the head is turned … "In youth the head is turned from love, and in old age — from an atherosclerosis" — say in the people. What grain of truth in these words and what signals about illness? — Really, at a lesion an atherosclerosis of vessels of a brain at patients observes giddiness, and also depression of memory and attention, hum in the head, a headache — the cardiologist says. — But these symptoms quite widespread. Only on them it is impossible to diagnose an atherosclerosis of cerebral arteries. Inspection is required from the neurologist. And here when atherosclerosis affects cordial vessels, symptoms more specific. One of implications — the heartache arising at exercise or emotional stresses (stenocardia). By the way, it is shown at all variously. Can arise not only in heart at the left, but also behind a breast bone. Can be pressing, squeezing, burning, to give to the left brachium, the left arm, a scapula, a mandible. Pain recedes after the termination of a load or reception of Nitroglycerinum. 

If an atherosclerosis affected vessels of the lower extremities, the patient is disturbed by gastrocnemius muscle pains when walking, cramps, a numbness, paleness of a skin. People complain that at them legs constantly freeze. At the same time the pulsation on large arteries of vessels of legs is poorly felt or is absent.

It is possible to diagnose an atherosclerosis and on appearance of the patient. Tells an early aging, and also a graying of the person about it. An alarming sign — a hydrocianic arch — a white rim on edge of an iris of the eye. At the high level of a cholesterin in a blood on a body there can be hypodermic fatty specks (xanthomas and ksantelazma). Operation — not a panacea various methods of a research which are prescribed by the doctor help to Tap illness. By the way, they are quite available to inhabitants of districts — an electrocardiogram, an US of heart and vessels, load assays. Also laboratory analyses by determination of level of a cholesterin and its fractions are carried out to bloods (a lipide range). Depending on results of inspection the doctor prescribes treatment. If necessary residents of the area can consult in dispensary from division of the cardiocenter. Reception is conducted by appointment in the direction (free of charge) or at desire (on a paid basis). In certain cases, when the patient is young and just likes to eat well, resist to atherosclerotic process the banal diet will help. In more serious situation medical drugs are prescribed.

Unfortunately, many people don't observe or only partially implement recommendations of the doctor. For example, medicine for pressure is taken because the effect is visible. And (statines) which effect can be determined only by blood test often neglect drugs from a cholesterin. Though statines play a key role in treatment of an atherosclerosis. It is necessary to accept them daily, for a long time, if there are no contraindications. At the same time the effect of depression of risk of a mortality of infarcts and strokes develops in several years.

When drug treatment is noneffective, surgeons get down to business. Before operation a coronarography is carried out. This research allows to see a condition of vessels and to decide on a look and volumes of surgical intervention. Artificially to dilate a vessel lumen, stenting is carried out. In the promised the site is entered a metal framework, "spring". In certain cases shunting — replacement of an affected area of a vessel healthy is carried out (the donor the patient acts). Operation — not a panacea, Elena Krivenchuk says. Therefore after it drug treatment isn't cancelled. At the same time, to set result, the patient needs to change a way of life. If to swallow of tablets and to lie on a sofa, drinking beer and smoking a cigarette — you won't wait for medical effect. To resist to an atherosclerosis, it is necessary to consider the risk factors promoting a course of a disease. The person can't change some of them: genetic predisposition, age, sex (men are more subject to cardiovascular diseases). 

But there are adverse factors on which it is possible and it is necessary to affect.

Dislipidemiya. To development of an atherosclerosis brings the increased cholesterin level into bloods therefore it is so important to keep it under control. However not any cholesterin is harmful. For example, "good" — lipoproteins of high density, it is necessary for an organism. And here "bad" — low density, just acts as building material for atherosclerotic plaques. Lipide range of a blood is important for the general assessment of the state of health.

Junk food. At most of people (except patients with a heriditary hypercholesterinemia) the increased level of a cholesterin is bound, as a rule, to improper feeding. It isn't necessary to lean on fat! The menu has to include many fruit and vegetables, fast meat, fish, bean, low-fat dairy products, healthy grades of bread (rye, without additives of mashed potatoes). By the way, cod-liver oil is rich polynonsaturated an omega-3 with fatty acids which normalize the content of cholesterol in a blood. At the use of fish 2 — 4 times a week the probability of development of coronary heart disease decreases by 25 — 30%. More preferable catch of the North Sea: sardines, tuna, mackerel, herring, halibut. Firm margarine as they contain a large amount of the transfats provoking formation of plaques on vessels are very harmful.

Atrial hypertension. This disease in itself leads to various complications, affects target organs (heart, kidneys, brain vessels), and also promotes advance of an atherosclerosis. Therefore patients with arterial hypertension need to keep pressure under control — not higher than 140/90. In the presence of a diabetes mellitus and illnesses of kidneys these digits have to be even lower. Smoking. Assists augmentation of quantity of "bad" cholesterol in a blood. Also promotes a pachemia that leads to formation of thrombi. One cigarette for 15 minutes increases arterial pressure. If the person accepts hypotensive drugs, smoking lowers their action. At refusal of an addiction the risk of cardiovascular diseases decreases only in 5 years.

Excess weight. And the most adversely abdominal obesity when fat accumulates on an abdominal wall. Then it begins to play a role of a peculiar endocrine organ. Produces the gormonopodobny substances promoting augmentation of free fatty acids in a blood, larger production of insulin which isn't perceived by tissues. It is necessary to take measures if volumes of a waist exceed 102 cm at men, women have 88 cm.

Diabetes mellitus. Accelerates many times the course of atherosclerosis. Implementation of all references of the doctor will allow not to allow development of complications and maintenance of level of a glucose is normal.

Hypodynamia. Promotes accumulation of excess weight, rising of arterial pressure, disturbance of carbohydrate metabolism and, as a result, enlarges risk of an atherosclerosis. Therefore it is necessary to lead active lifestyle and, at least 30 minutes a day 4 times a week, to be engaged in an additional exercise stress. For example, to go on foot not less than three kilometers a day. Reduction of risk factors will undoubtedly lead to decline in mortality and a case rate, the cardiologist states.


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