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The small artificial vessel has kept a hand

30 Июля 2013

The small artificial vessel has kept a hand

The small prosthesis kept an arm. Doctors of the regional cardiocenter for the first time performed two-stage operation on the main vessels of a neck.

For its performance surgeons used ministernotomy access. Having restored normal blood supply, they returned to the patient working capacity…

What means to the professional electric and gas welder in 50 years to lose the right arm? Means, to lose work, to become a burden for a family. Therefore, having felt the most severe pain in an arm, the inhabitant of the Dobrush district Anatoly Godunov was alarmed outright. The man tested a malaise earlier, but to suffer this time there were no forces. On a habit he reached for a cigarette and found out that the right arm doesn't obey. Though outside the window hardly it is light, the villager started to hurry in hospital … After the emergency excision of a thrombus by the vascular surgeon of Dobrushs Central disrtict hospital of the patient transferred to the Gomel regional clinical cardiologic center where he was carefully examined, the surgeon of the cardiocenter Georgy Rybakov told. It turned out that the problem is much more serious — the man has a severe form of a lesion of vessels an atherosclerosis. Because of pathology of vessels of a neck blood supply of a brain and the right arm is broken. The high risk of loss of an arm, a stroke and disability remained. In addition at the patient taped stomach ulcer which it was necessary to treat.

The Gomel doctors understood: the case is quite difficult. Therefore carefully considered options. Having studied the best practices and having communicated to the Minsk colleagues, decided to work by the principle: the maximum result at the minimum traumatism. Today experts of operational crew as a part of the vascular surgeon Georgy Rybakov, the cardiosurgeon Sergey Bondarev and the intensivist Evgeny Borovikov speak about successful result of five-hour operation. They managed to establish a vascular prosthesis through a small thoracotomy, and then the second stage to stentirovat a subclavial artery.

— Surgical interventions by a ministernotomy, that is small access, earlier in Gomel region weren't carried out — the deputy chief the cardiocenter for surgery worf Sergey Salivonchik states. — Doctors had to cut all breast bone. The thorax framework was broken, process of aftertreatment became longer and morbid.

Today the surgery strives for the minimum traumatism that the patient after operation was restored and returned to work quicker. In this case the man for the fourth day was transferred from resuscitation to unit of vascular surgery. It freely moves the right arm though before couldn't hold even a cup. Doctors don't hide, health of the patient in his arms now. Not to appear again on a hospital bed, Anatoly Godunov should adhere to medical references. And insistently advise the smoker with a 30-year experience to leave off smoking. Anatoly Nikolaevich modestly notes: "I throw. There lasts pack of cigarettes for four days". By the way, nine years ago the Gomel surgeons already operated him. 

The reason — the same atherosclerosis. But the man didn't refuse an addiction which increases risk of development of pathology of vessels. However, whether many of us think of a condition of the health, won't press yet? It is no wonder that an appreciable part of patients gets to doctors at the started illness stage. As a result of it surgeons should carry out larger on volume and difficult operations which are accompanied by risk for life. By the way, last year in the cardiocenter performed 1250 operations on vessels, in six months of present — 640. As the chief of the cardiocenter Olga Lyakh notes, development by surgeons of new techniques will allow to increase availability and quality of delivery of health care in Gomel region, to lower financial costs of treatment and aftertreatment of patients of the center.


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